April 24, 2018 - Images Copyrighted by Valve

It was reported today that Valve has filed something like 100 copyrights on images in the year 2018. It is pretty clear that many of these images are associated with Artifact, given the names. The copyright database does not given any information about what the final art will actually look like, but artophiles can find out some of the artists involved in Artifact's cards. One of the most important pieces of information that can be gleaned from this is a list of heroes that will be in Artifact's initial release (see below). This is not a complete list of heroes, so if you are a Pudge or Techies fan this doesn't mean you won't get to play with your favorite characters. There are also a number of names that either suggest other heroes being in the game, such as "March of the Machines", which is an ability of Tinker, and "Nyctasha's Guard" eluding to Bane, as "Nyctasha" is part of Bane's lore. There are also a few names that could be new heroes, but are not yet confirmed, such as Mazzie, Oath or Prellex. There is a lot to pick through here, making this find very exciting!

  • Abaddon
  • Bloodseeker
  • Centaur Warrunner
  • Chen
  • Dark Seer
  • Kanna
  • Legion Commander.
  • Lion.
  • Meepo (#1-4).
  • Ogre Magi.
  • Outworld Devourer.
  • Pugna.
  • Rix.
  • Skywrath Mage.
  • Sven.
  • Tidehunter.
  • Treant Protector.
  • Zeus.