April 19, 2018 - PDD's Impressions and Triforce goes to Valve

Some small bits of information came out today, which might end up being a bigger deal soon! First, we got a brief comment from PDD (DOTA 2 player) that he has played Artifact, and didn't really like it. It is hard to tell how much he played it, or how recently, or in what form. If I had to guess, I think he probably played a few games on someone else's beta account, rather than being in the beta himself, since talking about Artifact publicly like this would probably be an NDA violation.

More interesting to me, was a comment from the members of the "Triforce" podcast (part of Yogscast team) that they are going to be visiting Seattle to visit a game development studio this weekend. They mentioned that the developer is famous for a popular game distribution platform, which strongly suggests they are talking about Valve, and the members that are going are known for playing Hearthstone. Seems very likely they are going to check out Artifact.

While there is not a lot of information here, it might mean Valve is quietly setting up another "Artifact Event", this time for content creators. I have nothing against the Yogscast folk, but it strikes me as odd that they would be specially invited to preview Artifact. Their content is good, but it is heavy with comedy. Artifact seems to be billing itself as a fairly serious card game, so I wouldn't expect they are being invited alone. Given that it has been a bit over a month since the "Gaming Media Event", it makes sense that we might see another info dump soon.

Maybe this is all just nothing, but hopefully we get to see some sweet new content soon.